About Us

14 Years in Handicrafts

Since 2007

Drona India, as the name suggests is an India based company. Working from the city of Dronacharaya means city of Guru i.e. Gurugaon (Haryana). We started working on online products sale from 2007.

We stand by our brand and bring you products that are always beautiful, yet never loud. All of our merchandize are procured directly from artisans who have acquired national and  international prominence in their work for their craftsmanship. Each and every product is picked keeping our customers need and style in mind so that our customers continue to admire them year after year.

Ruchika Rana


Only the Best

Ethically Sourced Handicrafts & Materials

All of our products & directly procured from craftsmen and artisans. We ensure that all materials used in crafts are natural and not harmful for anyone. We also make it sure that no child labour or any kind of exploitation is “not included” while producing these handicrafts.

Authentic and Handmade Indian Crafts

We are proud to offer you the most beautiful, unique and most appreciated Indian handicraft and artistic creation items like Handmade Traditional Indian Clothing & Accessories, Home Furnishings, Statues & Sculptures, Kitchen Tools, Folk Paintings, Books, Gem Stones, Healing Crystals, Indian Sterling Silver & Other Metal Jewellery and more.

We provide you hand picked products due to which procurement price of the products comes out to be very less as compared to others.